Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Twentieth Birth Day Wolfenstein 3D

It Has Been A Long 20 Years~

Today is pretty significant land-mark in gaming history marking the twenty year anniversary of Castle Wolfenstein 3-D from ID software. Now this game is vastly important becasue it paved the way for all other fps "first person shooter" games after it the big one being Doom, Halo, Medal of Honor and Call of duty. With out the creation of this title it is safe to say any game that takes place in first person view might not have ever been made "life with out fallout 3 or skyrim...NOPE!!!"

Putting my personal ass kissing aside ID software is giving away a free copy of the original game for any ios device and made a free web-browser version as well. So please hop on this deal while you can and play this classic game to experience how far we have come in twenty mere years. I have links provided below the ios app, steam version and web-browser game. Also any ass kissing feed back means a lot as well, until next time catch ya later~

Ios Capture/Version
Browser-Game "requires flash/valid 18+b-day"

Ios App 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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